5" x 7" for a 4"x 6" Laser Engraved Photograph Plaque

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   All our plaques have a 3/8" decorative edge and approximately 1/8th" around the edge of the engraved photograph, producing a engraved photograph 1" smaller than the plaque size.   

 The back of the plaques have a keyhole in both the Portrait and Landscape positions for easy hanging on a screw (not included).

On the  5"x 7" plaque we can engrave an area of 4"x 6".

 E-Mail your file as an attachment or send us an 8"x 10" photograph on 8"x 10", glossy paper, no texture please.


  What makes a good engraved photograph? Click here Engraved Photograph Guidance for the image requirements fo  the best results.


Plaque Size               Engrave Area Size

5"x 7"                                      4"x6"

6"x 8"                                      5"x 7"

8"x10"                                    7"x 9"

9"x 12"                                   8"x 11"

12"x 15"                                11"x 14"

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